My Love for Country Music

We met Keith Urban

We met Keith Urban

Now that I live in Music City I hear country music everywhere… and I’m lovin’ it! I didn’t grow up listening to country music; I was a fan of Madonna, Culture Club, ABBA, and Michael Jackson. So I am a latecomer to the country music scene.

A few weeks after we arrived in Nashville I had yet another job interview. From the second I walked into the building everything felt so wrong since I wasn’t into this job. The pay was next to nothing, no benefits, and a long commute. But I was worried about my kids and the road ahead of us. Driving home I turned on the radio to hear Carrie Underwood sing “Jesus Take the Wheel.” I could barely drive with all the tears falling down. I needed someone to take my wheel cause I couldn’t do it on my own. That same day I decided to work for myself. It was scary but I felt as if the song had given me the strength to pursue this path. I was offered the job I interviewed for, but I politely declined. Two months later I went to my first country music concert. Tears of joy came to my eyes as I sang along with the beautiful and talented Carrie Underwood.

But it’s not just the sad country songs that I like. The funny and the happy ones get to me too. Luke Bryan always puts me in a good mood with his happy tune “Country Girls Shake It For Me.” Lady Antebellum is such a fun and awesome trio. I just love them.

And then there is Keith Urban. Sigh. Through a friend we were able to get backstage passes to a show at the Grand Ole Opry. He looks and sounds even better in person. He puts on such a great show and I can’t wait to see him again in concert this winter.

Country music just feels so real. It’s about bad marriages, long lost friends, happy people, sad people; the good and the bad. Country music has a story for all of us. Just listen!

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