Help! Do moms of teens still blog?

Mom blogger with teens

Mom blogger with teens

Today I spent a little bit of time searching for blogs of moms with teenagers. I have to tell you, I didn’t have much luck finding them. Almost every mommy blog talks about pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby this and baby that. Most blogs stop discussing parenting once their children turn nine. Why? Do kids stop being kids once they reach double digits? Are moms no longer in need of resources and interesting tips and advice once their kids brush their own teeth without eating all the toothpaste? We are still parents and they are still our babies, we just deal with bigger things now, like permits, first boyfriends, money, AP classes, etc.

Where is the mommy blogger who talks about her daughter’s beautiful prom dress and how she secretly wishes her girl would never grow up? Guilty, that was me. What about the mom who sends her first born off to college and then has a few good cries in the shower for the next week or so? Oh wait, that was me too. I’m such a cry-baby. Can you find me the mom who blogs about how she attended her daughter’s high school graduation but couldn’t figure out how to work the flash on that darn camera when her daughter was about to accept her diploma? Oh man, I’m such a failure. Seriously, get a grip woman! All I wanted was for her to go back and shake the principal’s hand one more time so I could get that darn picture. Guess what, I’m also the mom who explains to her tween boy where babies come from because everyone else in the class already knows.

Well, maybe there is still hope for a “Mom with Teens” blog after all.

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2 Responses to Help! Do moms of teens still blog?

  1. melodys100 says:

    Ah, mo. love this.

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