Look what I found this week!

I love couponing! After all, there is nothing wrong with saving a few dollars here and there.

Here are a few successes I had this past week:

Ace Hardware was offering a coupon for a free quart of Clark & Kensington paint.This is becoming a regular offer for the hardware chain. The printable coupon says the freebie is limited to one quart per household each year, but the cashier lady said, “if the coupon scans, I’ll take it every time.”
The free offer is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are generally about 40 quarts of free paint available at each Ace Hardware store. Each quart usually sells for $6.

Free paint

Free paint

Sign up for IHOP Pancake Revolution and receive a free meal for each person valued up to $7.99. I took two of my kids there for brunch and we ordered waffles, french toast, and more waffles with eggs and sausage. Total bill was $23.80. But with our coupons it was completely FREE. Yum!

If you know of any other great deals, share them with me.

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2 Responses to Look what I found this week!

  1. melodys100 says:

    Such a great deal!

  2. sabine1490 says:

    Can’t say “no” to a good deal!

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